Longtime CFO to retire from TCB

Rogers will assist the bank with community relations

October 05, 2016 - The Claxton Enterprise

The Claxton Bank celebrates 75 years of business this year and, while it’s been a time of reflection on years gone by, the bank is focused more than ever on providing the best services possible for their customers and strengthening community relationships.

Patsy Rogers, Chief Financial Officer, will continue to support TCB by strengthening and fostering community relationships while she transitions to her new position as Community Relations Coordinator, effective following her retirement on December 31.

For 42 years, Rogers has been an integral part of The Claxton Bank. “Her connection to the bank, because she’s been here more than 40 years, is permanent. She’s always going to be The Claxton Bank and so we’ve asked her to help us, particularly with our connection to the community,” said Philip Williams, TCB president and CEO. “I feel like that will be a good transition and a way for her to stay connected to us.”

For a local bank, connecting with the community and providing excellent customer service are imperative to their mission. “It’s tangibly important to the community and intangibly important to the bank. I can’t put an ROI (return on investment) on it, but what matters in our business, particularly the community banking business, is relationships,” Williams continued. “People pay attention when you care about what they care about.”

The Claxton Bank recognized that Rogers’ retirement would change the bank’s image, the community’s perception of day-to-day banking operations, even the employees’ understanding of how bank processes work. So, a plan was put in place two years ago to transition two existing bank employees into the responsibilities that Rogers currently handles. “We’ve been in transition. We put a plan together probably two years before Patsy’s retirement,” Williams explained.

In addition to serving as CFO, Rogers has also overseen daily bank operations. “She has certainly been the core operational leader for our company for the last 30 years at least,” Williams said. “There are some complicated pieces to this [banking industry] and she understands them intuitively and manages the details very well. She also understands customers’ expectations and helps us bridge the gap … that combination is hard to replace.”

TCB’s transitional plan entails promoting two bank employees. Effective in January, Carri Self will serve as Vice President of Operations. She will oversee the day-to-day functions of the bank including branches, item processing -- TCB processes more than 15,000 checks, debits, credits, drafts, etc. a day -- and technology.

Self has been with The Claxton Bank for more than a decade and has over 15 years of banking experience. She has worked for TCB as a compliance officer, but assumed much of her new operational role last year, training under Rogers.

Val Holton, will assume the role of CFO, in January. Holton will handle all financial reporting, daily accounting and regulatory reporting. Her administrative oversight will also cover human resources and payroll. Prior to her promotion, Holton has been in charge of loan administration. With more than 20 years in the field, she also has an extensive banking background, having worked in the industry in Statesboro and Vidalia before coming to TCB three years ago.

“Val and Carri are both competent bankers. They’re well trained and they have excellent experience to help lead our employees for success.” Williams said. "Our team continues to include long term, local bankers that our customers know and trust. People like Dona Gale Nesmith, Rhonda Haire and Rene Spikes who have all been here more than thirty five years."

So, even in a time of significant transition, The Claxton Bank has a plan, is still going strong, and continues to be a mainstay in the growth and progress of Claxton, without losing sight of what a hometown community bank should be.

Williams and his staff understand that there’s more to being a community bank than just providing financial services. While much larger corporate financial corporations flourish by operating according to a certain business model that’s distant, impersonal, and slow to respond to customer needs, The Claxton Bank flourishes precisely because of its relationships.